Advanced Instructor (AI)

What is an Advanced Instructor (AI)?

The Advanced Instructor is capable of providing registry accredited educational curriculum at the AEMT, Paramedic, Advanced Practice Paramedic, and Resuscitation Officer level in the initial, renewal, and continuing medical education level. Certification assures the AI is providing the must up to date material, through an accredited curriculum, and has regular competency review of their skills. The AI must be certified as a Physician, Resuscitation Officer, Advanced Practice Paramedic, or Paramedic. The AI may only teach at their level or below; the AI may also approve subject matter experts to assist them in curriculum delivery and instruction (i.e.; registered nurse, physician, etc.), using registry guidelines for their selection.

Responsibilities of Registry Certified Personnel:

Certified personnel must notify the Registry within 30 days regarding the following matters:

  1. Change in mailing address (the best way to update a mailing address is by editing your account profile)
  2. Any criminal conviction.
  3. Disciplinary action taken by any agency having jurisdiction (or government body) that has resulted in suspension, revocation, or expiration of registration/licensure; termination of right to practice; voluntary surrender of registration/licensure while under investigation.

The Registry considers the individual to be solely responsible for their certification and reporting, any failure to follow process or report as required is solely the failure of the certified person and may result in immediate dismissal of their certification, as well as, immediate notification to any pertinent regulatory agency of their dismissal.

Disciplinary Policy and Rights of Appeal for The Registry can be found on The Registry website.