Advisory Board

The Global Emergency Medical Registry (GEMR) is reliant on its Advisory Board of Directors for guidance and oversight of all aspects of registry operations. Specifically, the board provides tertiary oversight of initial educational objectives, testing processes, continuing medical education requirements, compliance with current science, audit functions, and disciplinary processes.

The Advisory Board of Directors is composed of the following professionals from around the world:

  • Dr. George Abraham (India)
  • Dr. Salim Al Owais (UAE)
  • Dr. Fergal Cummins (Ireland)
  • Dr. Max Morales (Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Luke Parr (USA)
  • Dr. Bernie Sperley (USA)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Balisi (Philippines)
  • Mr. Iain Hay (United Kingdom)
  • Mr. Jon Leach (New Zealand)
  • Mr. Michael Christie (USA)
  • Ms. Maria Elena Sagolili (Philippines)

The following hold advisory positions to the board:

  • Mr. Rod Rowan (GEMR President)
  • Mr. Ron Gui (President Emeritus)

Some of the working groups under the board include:

  1. Audit
  2. Educational requirements
  3. Science compliance